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Protektiv HYDRO


Protektiv HYDRO surface coating is made from a high performing formula combining Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic and Si02, delivering extreme durability, hardness and a permanent super gloss finish. Protektiv HYDRO transforms the vehicle's surfaces into super-hydrophobic coating providing a highly repellent vehicle finish.


  • The most durable protection product on the market
  • Offers ease of clean - vehicle stays cleaner for longer
  • Provides a permanent mirror finish super gloss to your paintwork
  • Provides a low sheen, hydrophobic protective coating to interior surfaces
  • Offers extreme abrasion resistance which means it won't break down by weathering, dirt & road grime
  • Professionally applied, with a once off application
  • National lifetime warranty*

Protektiv HYDRO is vehicle protection brilliance at its best. Unmatched.

Harder, Better, Faster, & Stronger than ever before.

Ceramic Technology at its Best

Protektiv HYDRO surface coating is manufactured with Silicon Carbide (SiC) Ceramic and Si02. Combined, this provides the additional ‘hardness and gloss’ forming a ceramic clear coat finish with glass manufacturing properties. Once applied, the cage-like structure creates a linkage process to become part of the vehicles surface and the molecules of the silica core framework provide a rigid toughness and high thermal stability.

Durability Tested to Last a Lifetime

As the most durable protective product on the market, Protektiv HYDRO is 4 times harder than quartz based protectors. On the globally accepted Mohs Hardness Scale, Protektiv HYDRO ranks 9 out of 10, giving it the unmatched hardness rating compared with other products readily available in today’s market. This enables us to provide a lifetime warranty* against the environmental elements; so you can experience a lifetime of performance.

Globally Tested, Proven and Certified

The engineered combination of globally high grade sourced raw materials that are leading the way in worldwide coating technology has passed and been certified to the stringent BOEING D6-17487 specification. The amazing product standards of Protektiv HYDRO adds an extra, tougher layer on top of the vehicles factory clear coat and allows the surfaces of your new vehicle to continue to shine year after year, for a lifetime*.

Rigorous durability testing

Protektiv HYDRO outshines and outlasts other paint coatings and has undergone rigorous durability testing. The coating has extreme abrasion resistance, meaning it's not broken down by weathering, dirt & road grime. The glass-like properties along with the curing process create super hardness and strong hydrophobic repellence. This repellency means water sheets and rolls off the surface helping keep cars looking cleaner for longer. Silicon Carbide is also used to create stability in very high temperatures.

To measure the strength of Protektiv HYDRO, the globally accepted Mohs Hardness Scale has been applied, which compares the resistance of a mineral being scratched by ten reference minerals. Protektiv Hydro ranks 9 out of 10 which rates it 4 times harder than quartz-based surface protection products. This translates to a coating with extreme resistance to abrasion. The coating is a once-off and requires no further application for the lifetime of ownership of the vehicle. The coating has also been tested to ensure it does not cause the paintwork on the vehicle to soften.