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At Von Bibra Motors we continually strive to ensure that the products and services that we
provide to you are of the highest standard. Our desire is to have you completely satisfied
with all aspects of our dealings with you.

Unfortunately from time to time a problem can occur whereby the product or service
that you receive from our company is not what you would like. This can happen for
many reasons and certainly in the world of business we are not alone in this regard. Our
complaints handling procedure allows us to respond quickly to you with what we can do to
assist and by when it will be done.


1. We ask that any complaints be addressed in writing no matter how trivial. Often
complaints are delivered verbally to a staff member and by the time the description of
the complaint reaches someone with the authority to act it has changed.

There are three (3) ways a complaint in writing can be forwarded to us.

a)    Mail          
The General Manager
Von Bibra Motors
PO Box 3230
Southport Qld 4215
b)    Facsimile (07) 5556 2892

c)    Email info@vonbibra.com.au

2. Upon receipt of your correspondence we will contact you by telephone to discuss
what our next steps are to be i.e. have a meeting, diagnose the problem etc.

3. We will also respond formally in writing within 7 days as to what action we are
prepared to take with respect to your concern.

We sincerely appreciate you giving us feedback as it gives us an opportunity to fix any
problems before they become serious.

Wade von Bibra
Group General Manager